This design was for a fundraiser with Asheville Community Theater.  I ran into so many roadblocks to make a design that fit their "Nature" category.  It is actually plants that have been printed on fabric.  I can't even guess at the number of stops and starts and redesigns.  In the end I loved it but it was a struggle.  I learned a new techniques, patience, and combined a number of techniques.

I  can't help myself - I see most everything in terms of fiber!  I take pictures on vacation - not to remember the experience, but to remember a shape or color or interaction of shapes for a future project - that is the way I remember vacation.  Sometimes I try to get away from making garments or fabrics, but my mind always takes over and wants to translate what I am experimenting with into a garment.  While I can't draw or sketch it, I see it in my mind.  I have finally realized it is telling me something - I need to enjoy the challenge it brings to me.

And sometimes the challenge gets the best of me, but generally it makes me go where I haven't been before.  I struggle, try to learn more, solve issues and push forward.  When it doesn't meet that picture in my head there is the internal struggle - is the picture wrong or have I not worked hard enough to create the image I am looking for.  It is usually I haven't tried hard enough or long enough.  Many pieces get taken apart and started again.

A good friend of my helped me get it once, I was bemoaning the fact that I had tried many things and they didn't work, and I researched and observed and still couldn't get there.  She said to me that is the time you do your best work - you will get it.  Yeah right, was my response.  I have learned she is right.  I may struggle but I eventually get there.  It is a process and not just a design.  I keep working at it.