I am making an accessory line of bags!  See some of the new bags on the Gallery page.


What an exciting time I had at Convergence 2016!  Not only did I get to teach a workshop and seminar but the fashion show was such a surprise.  The show started off with two of my felted garments and closed with my ecoprint dress - I was thrilled.  But then they announced the awards - the ecoprint dress won an honorable mention and then the dress won first place.  I thought it had to be a dream.  It was such an honor, I was so excited.  I am so happy that I was able to be there to see it.

I love color.  Obviously.  Texture ranks a close second.  Any day making felt is a good day!

Felter, Dyer, Designer


I started by dyeing yarn and roving.  I still can be found at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  See fibers available for spinning and felting.

Where am I?  It seems I spend a lot of time going somewhere to do something fiber related - how lucky am I?

New classes and sales listed  - SEFF and MAFA


How did I get here?

It has been many, many years.  I was a Home Economics teacher.  Went back to school to take engineering courses to make a living.  After 28 years as an environmental and safety engineer, I retired and moved to the Asheville area of NC.  I went to school at Haywood Community College in the Professional Crafts Program in Fiber.

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