Most Fun Fashion Show

in 2016

Asheville Community Theater Costume Drama

Also received Honorable mention at Convergence 2016

Every Year the Asheville Community Theater (ACT) has a Fashion Show as a fund raiser.  Last year I entered - you select one of the categories and interpret it in your style.  It drove me completely out of my comfort zone and drove me crazy but it was so much fun.  I had selected the Nature category and made an outfit by ecoprinting all of my fabric with a  hot bundling technique.  I loved the final look!

Model:  Masha Bachuk

Photo:  Hanna Combs

What is Wet Felting?

There are lots of misconceptions about wet felting.  Needle felting is different (barbed needles poked through piles of wool).  Knitted "felting"  is actually knitting and wet "fulling" of large knitted piece.

Wet felting is taking the roving from an animal with fiber, and laying it out in fine, thin rows.  It is then wet out, rubbed, rolled up in bubble wrap (and rolled and rolled and rolled), thrown on a hard surface and rubbed against a scrub board to full and harden the surface.  The last three steps are repeated until the fibers are thoroughly meshed and interlocked.

How Did I Get Here? cont. 

After graduation I have worked at many things trying to find my niche.  It is felting hand dyed fiber.  I like that the color I put down is the color I see.  Each piece is individual and unique.

I work mainly with merino,  though some silk for shine and BFL for more sturdy felt projects.

Every piece is a new and different adventure, I can hardly wait to see the final product.

Clothing is my choice - it brings pleasure to the wearer and all that see it.  No better art exists. I have tried accessories (smaller, easier to sell), woven pieces, quilted pieces, and shibori pieces.  I always go back to clothes no matter how many times I try something else.

So felted clothing is it.  I am happy to be in this place.