Yesterday I received notice that my felted yardage piece "Land on the Run" was accepted for the yardage exhibit.

The piece is for the exhibit "Ice Age".  It represents the layers that were uplifted and moved during land formations.  It is merino wool with hand dyed wool for the "strata".  Cheesecloth layers were added to create a textural effect that I loved.  It will hang throughout the conference.

Convergence 2016

​Convergence has a lot in store for me this year.  First of all they used one of my garments for their advertising.  It was very exciting to see - and unexpected.  Being able to open almost any fiber related magazine and see your work in a half or quarter page ad is a thrill.

In addition, I am teaching a 3 day class on garment design and fitting as 

well as a super seminar on fitting a muslin - that should be a lot of fun.

Convergence Exhibits

In addition to teaching this summer I also get to have a piece in the leader's exhibit.  Luckily with a reminder - I was able to meet the deadline and submitted a new piece.  I had some felted wool that I fashioned into a new piece.  I like challenging myself to make something new - without an exhibit I seldom take time to do that.  I enjoy making garments that people wouldn't normally think of making out of felt.  It is generally making the right kind of felt.  Here is a peak at the new garment.

Penland Winter Residency

For the second year Penland School of Craft has had a winter residency program.  Upon acceptance, you can spend a week (or more) there to concentrate on work of your choosing.  This year was the first time I went - and despite missing a day and a half due to the ice in my driveway, I had a great time.  At this time of year there are only a few people there and you are in a studio with only a few other people.  One was my friend Deb and the other was Emelie - from Sweden who had been there for the month.  She was a delightful and talented studio mate.  We had great fun talking about the current American political scene and the opinions of the rest of the world.

Having uninterrupted time in a big beautiful studio was wonderful.  My goal was to create some new patterns for my felt work.  With lots of space and tons of mannequins - I created a number of garments.  I finally even made myself learn to drape a sleeve! Yea - an accomplishment for me.  I never make myself design new patterns at home and yet during this week I made 5.

Some pics soon to come.  It was a beneficial week with lots of time to think! 

I also had had my three garments accepted at the Fashion show.  It will be very exciting for me this summer. My sister Karen was even one of the models for my red coat.