Saturday, July 7 - One Day Workshop  1W-S028  Sewing With Handwovens

Learn sewing techniques that will help you appropriately and successfully sew your handwoven fabric.  Discover effective ways to layout a pattern, finish seams, safely reduce bulk in specific areas, and create smooth facing and neckline edges.  Alternative neckline and armhole finishes, closure options and hems will also be covered.

I am so excited about teaching at Convergence again this year!  And I had so much fun attending.  It was a great experience in 2016.  Can't wait to experience Convergence 2018.  Here is a summary of my workshops and classes.

Friday, July 6 - One Day Workshop    IW-F007  Potpourri of Wet Felting Techniques

Learn the basic felt making techniques as a springboard for your creativity.  We will make a two layer felt, a felt with a batt as one layer, nuno felt and three dimensional felt shapes appropriate for embellishments or jewelry. 

Sunday, July 8 - 3 Hour Seminar  SS-UA066 One Shuttle +painted Warps = Tons of Blocks

Understand how to make blocks the easy way using only one shuttle.  With the use of hand dyed warps, see how to combine with solids or multiple hand dyes warps to make unusual and distinct blocks.  Learn how simples set ups create very different looking blocks.

Sunday, July 8 - 90 Minute Seminar  Yeah! My Entry Was Accepted!

It takes a lot to summon up the courage to enter a piece of your personal art for a judge to review and accept of reject. And it is so exciting to be accepted to an exhibit or show.  Learn tips and strategies to make your exhibit experience successful.